MSNBC Fake News Rachel Maddow Makes Much Ado About Nothing

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By Pete Ranger, March 15, 2017

Maddow Much Ado About Nothing

LGB “QT” Rachel Maddow was quite the Fake News media queen last night.

MSNBC prime time host Rachel Maddow went full Geraldo Rivera last night. She started teasing hours before her show began that she had in her possession the “Tax Returns” of President Trump. Maddow promised to release the returns on her show.

Maddow, in one of the most ridiculous moments in yellow journalism ever, waited over twenty minutes to reveal what everyone knows. President Trump makes a lot of money. What Maddow didn’t want to reveal was that President Trump pays his taxes.

Maddow only had the tax return for one year – 2005 – twelve years ago! Here are the juicy details: President Trump made $150 million in 2005 and paid $38 million in taxes. That is a lot of money. That’s a bigger percentage than Barrack and Michelle “Rags to Riches” Obama or Bill and Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton or even Mitt “Elevator for my Cars” Romney.

There is no story here. But wait! There is a story! The story is how super liberal lying media crybabies are trying to play “gotcha” with President Trump!

Remember, being in possession of some else’s tax returns is illegal. Broadcasting someone else’s documents is illegal too. Well Rachell Maddow…Gotcha back!

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